Nature Connection through the Year – Free downloadable pack

Deepen you connection to nature and claim you FREE monthly Nature Connection guide.

I have shared a monthly Nature Connection guide for FREE on my Buy me a Coffee page!

There is a 2 page A4 PDF for each month. Each one has two ideas to deepen your connection to nature and a focused look at the energies, properties and signature of a native tree, linked to the Ogham. There is an additional page in the January PDF which explains more about the Tree Ogham.

Nature Connection practices enables us to form deep relationships with the rest of nature (and other humans!) and is more holistic than just contact with nature, nature education or recreation in nature. I believe Nature Connection involves the mind, body, feelings and spirit within the relationships it develops.

I feel this approach to being with nature fits beautifully with the Forest School ethos which similarly focuses on relationships and the holistic development of self.

Download the pack now from my ’Extras’ page –

We hope it gives you some inspiration and ideas for connecting with nature throughout the year.

Also If you are interested in exploring the concept of ‘Nature Connection’, you might be interested in my video on ‘Is your practice nature connection or nature contact? Nature Connection and Forest School’ –