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Bushcraft & Nature Connection

‘Bushcraft’ is the art of living. It is the collection of skills and knowledge that our ancestors had which enabled them to live comfortably as part of the natural world. All indigenous cultures had (and some still do) a deep rooted connection with nature.

In the artificial stresses of our modern world it is easy to forget the essence of living. ‘Bushcraft’ seems to be the modern world’s way of remembering the old ways, and reconnecting with our ancient heritage.

Nature Awareness
The essence of bushcraft is ‘awareness’. Developing a deep knowledge and understanding of the natural world is key to being able to sustainably use natural resources- whether it is for eating, medicine, finding water, making shelter, lighting fires or craftwork. Skills include; ecology, species identification, tracks and signs, folklore and medicinal uses of plants, wildlife stalking and watching.

Outdoor Living Skills
The core skills of surviving and living in the natural world is meeting the basic needs of; water, food, shelter and warmth. Developing skills that make living outside easier without using modern technologies is empowering and builds confidence. Skills include; finding, filtering and purifying drinking water, foraging, preparing and cooking wildfoods, fire lighting methods and management, shelter and bivouacs building and design.

Natural Craft
Our ancestors lived comfortably within the natural world, they were skilled craftsmen, artists and musicians. There are many crafts and activities that use natural material that would be a part of indigenous cultures and many modern equivalents. Skills include; carving and green woodworking, natural cordage, weaving, basket making, bow and weapon making, flint knapping, natural dyes and many more!

We can carefully craft experiential sessions for your group or team to meet a variety of different aims and abilities.

Forest School Training

Bespoke INSET Training Days

Birchwood Learning is able to bring outdoor learning training to your whole staff team and is fully adaptable to meet your school or settings needs and current priorities. Past customers have requested training days such as;

  • Forest School Taster
  • Introduction to Outdoor Learning
  • Literacy & Numeracy in the Outdoors
  • Natural play for EYFS

Staff Wellbeing

The natural world can be a great place to de-stress and build professional relationships.

We can provide mindful and connective sessions designed to nurture your team as a community.

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